All British Engine Company
   ABC Motors Ltd.


Originating under the name of W.L. Adams at Redbridge, Southampton, the company became the Aeroplane Engine Company Ltd in 1909. In an attempt to garner favour for Government grants, the name was changed to the All British Engine Company in 1910. ABC Motors, of Hersham, Surrey, was founded in 1912. Its engine designs during the First World War were largly unsuccessful and the company ceased work in the aviation field in 1919. The light aeroplane trials of 1923 renewed interest in aero engines and a converted motorcycle engine was produced to power the English Electric Wren.

In 1929 the company built one aircraft, the Robin, powered by the Scorpion motor and designed by Anthony A Fletcher, late of the Martinsyde, Central and Westland companies. Although a successful design, the Robin appeared at the wrong time and no further production ensued. From then on the company moved into the production of aircraft auxiliary generators and in 1952 became a subsidiary of Vickers.

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Project Data top

Project No
Type No
Alternative Name(s)
Spec (Requirement)
     Robin    1929    Proto  1  1S, 1E high-wing light plane  1,2,3,4

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Production Data

One aircraft only : G-AAID, c/n 1. First flew June 1929.

   Total ABC Production     1   

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