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Although I have spent my whole career at the "pointy end" of aviation, working in aircraft design in many parts of the world, my true interest has always been aviation history, and especially those projects that never made it (having worked on a few myself !)

This project originally started over 40 years ago, initially just as an indexing for my then somewhat immature library, all paper and ring binders of course in those days. As my interest in unbuilt aircraft developed, the project changed from being simply a catalogue of the contents of my books and magazines to an attempt to catalogue all that had been produced by the British aviation industry.  Life had its way of intervening and the project got put away until a just a few years ago when it got pulled out, dusted off and re-evaluated. By now I had travelled far from my original home in southern England and settled permanently in the Pacific North West of America. Computers had now taken over from ring binders and the idea of converting the whole thing into a web site germinated. Plenty of false starts later, along with the joys of learning at least rudimentary HTML, finally the whole thing is bearing fruit.

When time and work allow (although I am now retired, I seem to have even less time!), I manage to squeeze in a few other interests; music (most definitely a child of the 60's), good food and travel dominate along with the joyful company of wife and dogs. though some days you just can't beat a cold beer and watching the garden grow !!

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