Baddesley Aircraft Ltd.


Following a win by her horse Mid-day Sun on the Derby in 1937, Mrs. Lettice M. Miller (born Lettice Mary Talbot on 9 December 1907, the daughter of Major A.W. Talbot of Gloucestershire, died 27 December 2010), along with husband George Butt Miller (born April 1901 in Cricklade, Wiltshire, the son of Thomas and Cicily Miller, died 1958) registered Baddesley Aircraft Ltd., at St. Christopher Works, Thomas Road, North Baddesley, Southampton, on 2 February 1938. Primarily the company was involved with subcontract work to the industry, but on 26 Nov 1938, a C. of A was applied for the Baddesley Sawfly, about which nothing else known.

During the war the factory was taken over by Follands, manufacturing engine cowlings for Wellington bombers. In 1946 the factory was acquired by Borden (operating as Leicester Lovell), eventually closing in 2001.

Company References
  1. Flight 17 Feb 1938
  2. http://www.northbaddesleyvillage.co.uk/1wel.html
  3. Daily Telegraph 4 Jan 2011

Project Data top

Project No
Type No
Alternative Name(s)
Spec (Requirement)
     Sawfly   1938    Proj 0  Unknown  1

Project References
  1. Air Britain Archive 1981/4 (Air-Britain Publications)

Production Data

One aircraft project only :   c/n 201, no C of A issued. Nothing else known.

   Total Baddesley Production     0   

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