British Light Aircraft Company Ltd



In 2004, BLA, of Liss, Hampshire, a subsidiary of Aviation Group International Ltd, acquired from FLS Aerospace the rights to two British-designed light aeroplanes, originally built as the Trago Mills SAH-1 Sprint and Edglely Optica. The Optica observation aircraft was to have been manufactured as the BLA Dragonfly, but by 2007 these plans were in abeyance in order to concentrate on the second design, the SAH-1 Sprint, which was being marketed as the BLA Redwing.

In 2007, BLA was constructing a 835 m² plant at Henstridge, Somerset, as a finishing and distribution centre for Redwings. These plans had been halted by mid-2007 and by 2008 the design rights for both aircraft had been aquired by AeroElvira. The company was disolved in 2009.

Company References
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