Blackburn Cubaroo

Produced Variants
T.4 CubarooFour-seat biplane long distance coastal defence aircraft to meet the requirements of DofR Type 9 Specification
(later Air Ministry Specification 8/21, superceded by 16/22). One 1000 h.p. Napier Cub powerplant.

Projected Variants
T.4A Cubaroo IICubaroo fitted with Two 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor IV powerplants at mid gap between the wings.
T.4B Cubaroo IIIAs Cubaroo II fitted with Two 650 h.p. Rolls-Royce Condor III powerplants.
T.4C Cubaroo IVAs Cubaroo II with powerplants moved to lower wing.

T.4 Cubaroo

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Serial Range



Batch Qty




 2 aircraft ordered from The Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Co. Ltd, Leeds, Yorkshire, to contract 227756/21 (revised on 326529/22). First flew August 1924.
 N166 - N167   2   

Total Production


  1. Blackburn used a series of Works Order Numbers rather than Constructors Numbers to identify individual airframes, but referred to here as C/n's for consistency.
  2. The aircraft was built at the Olympia Works, Leeds, but erected and flown from Brough Aerodrome, East Yorkshire.

Production References
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  2. Fleet Air Arm Aircraft, Units and Ships, 1920 to 1939, Ray Sturtivant with Dick Cronin (Air Britain Publications, 1998)


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