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In a letter in Flight for 14 May 1910, Cedric Boustead, writing from South Africa, stated he had designed and built a glider and “finished it a day before I sailed to South Africa, so was unable to give it a fair trial, but it made a very successful short glide in Wimbledon Park”. With the time to sail to South Africa and the letter to return, that flight would probably have occurred in February or March.

Cedric Boustead was almost certainly Reginald Cedric Boustead, born 17 June 1888 in Surbiton, Surrey, the son of John Melvill Boustead and Leila Eleanor Money. Educated at Marlborough College, he was commissioned in the 3rd Duke of Edinburghs Regiment. In 1915 whilst in Ceylon he was made a Captain in the Eighth Middlesex Regiment.

Post war, Cedric was involved with the family company Boustead Bros., coffee, tea and rubber merchants, founded by his father J.M. Boustead in Ceylon in 1886. Cedric managed the Colombo Electric Tramways, started by his father in 1895.

Captain Boustead returned to England from Columbo on 2 August 1933, on the S.S. Otranto. He died on 19 Dec 1954 in Kixes, Sharpthorne, Sussex

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   Glider  1910  Proto 1 1S biplane glider 1,2

Project References
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