Boulton and Paul P.7 Bourges

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Produced Variants

P.7 Bourges Mk.IA Three seat biplane close support light bomber. Two 320 h.p. ABC Dragonfly powerplants mounted on the lower mainplanes.
P.7 Bourges Mk.IB As Mk.IA but featuring a gulled upper wing.
P.7 Bourges Mk.IIA As Mk.IA but featuring 230 h.p. Bentley B.R.2 powerplants, mounted at mid gap, for flight test purposes.
P.7 Bourges Mk.IIB As Mk.IIA but featuring a gulled upper wing.
P.7B Bourges Mk.IIIA As Mk.IA but featuring 450 h.p. Napier Lion IIB powerplants.
P.7B Bourges Mk.IIIB As Mk.IIIA but featuring a gulled upper wing.

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Serial Range C/n Type Batch Qty Conv. Canc'd Notes
 3 aircraft ordered from the Aircraft Department of Boulton and Paul Ltd, Mousehold, Norwich, Norfolk, to contract 35A/909/C730.
 F2903  P.7/1  Mk.IIA  1      First flew June 1919.
 (F2903)    Mk.IA    (1)    Converted from Mk.IIA July 1919 as K-129/G-EACE, retained by Boulton and Paul as demonstrator.
 F2904  P.7/2  Mk.IB  1      First flew early 1920.
 F2905  P.7/3  Mk.IB  1      (See Note 1)
 (F2905)    Mk.IIB    (1)    Converted from Mk.IB F2905.   (See Note 1)
 (F2905)    Mk.IIIA    (1)    Converted from sole Mk.IIB. First flew December 1920.   (See Note 1)
 (F2905)    Mk.IIIB    (1)    Converted from sole Mk.IIIA. First flew 1921.   (See Note 1)
  Total Production 3 (4)    

Production Summary

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All Aircraft By Type
Type Built New Conv. Canc'd Total
 P.7 Bourges Mk.IA   (1)   1
 P.7 Bourges Mk.IB 2     2
 P.7 Bourges Mk.IIA 1     1
 P.7 Bourges Mk.IIB   (1)   1
 P.7B Bourges Mk.IIIA   (1)   1
 P.7B Bourges Mk.IIIB   (1)   1
  3 (4) 0  

  1. Brew [1] refers to F2905 only as a Mk.IIIA, but both Mason [2] and Halley [3] give the conversions shown here.

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