Bristol Type 130 Bombay

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Produced Variants

Type 130
Three crew high-wing cantilever monoplane 24-troop transport aircraft adaptable for use as a medium bomber to Specification  C.26/31, to meet the requirements of OR.4. Two 750 h.p. Bristol Pegasus III powerplants.
Type 130A Bombay
Originally refered to as the Type 130 Mk.II; production version of Type 130 to Specifications 38/36 and 47/36. Two 1,010 h.p. Bristol Pegasus XXII powerplants, three bladed Fairey-Reed airscrews and Bristol designed nose and tail turrets.

Projected Variants

Type 137 Proposed civil transport version featuring the Type 130 wing matched to a new fuselage and single fin and rudder.
Type 144
Development of Type 130 with retractable undercarriage to Specification B.4/34 to meet the requirements of OR.12. Bristol Pegasus IV or Bristol Perseus powerplants.
Type 144B Reduced size Type 144 capable of carrying 18 instead of 24 troops.

Production List Page Top

Serial Range C/n Type Batch Qty Conv. Canc'd Notes
 1 aircraft ordered from the Bristol Aeroplane Company, Filton, Bristol, Somerset, to contract 233529/33. First flew June 1935.
 K3853  7809  Type 130  1      
 80 aircraft built by Short Brothers and Harland, Belfast, to contract 562468/36. 50 Delivered between April 1939 and June 1940, remainder cancelled.
 L5808 - L5857    Type 130A  50      L5814 and L5817 allocated civil registrations G-AFYN, 'YM but ntu.
 L5858 - L5887          30  
  Total Production 51   30  

Production Summary

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All Aircraft By Type
Type Built New Conv. Canc'd Total
 Type 130 1     1
 Type 130A Bombay 50   30 80
  51 0 30  

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