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The objective of this web site is to attempt to identify and catalogue all aircraft designs that have emanated from the United Kingdom, whether design projects that never left the drawing board, one off prototypes or production types. Whilst attempting to be as complete as possible, this list can never hope to be definitive. All types that resulted in hardware should eventually be able to be tracked down, but evidence of many unbuilt projects has been lost over time, either accidentally or by deliberate destruction of material.

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The author would appreciate any additions and corrections to this site, preferably giving a source of published or publicly accessible data.

The author of this web site does not claim any of the content to be the result of original research; rather, it is the result of compiling data from all the listed sources. Any information given on this site has been extracted from those sources and credit is due to the original authors.

Many thanks to Peter Allen (aka 'Flitzer') for permission to use his excellent images as background to this site.
Most particular thanks to Geoff Sinclair for considerable help on production details, particularly from the 1930s and 40s, in addition to Australian information (and occasionally 'keeping me honest'!), to Ralph Pegram with invaluable information from the Royal Aero Club Archives and to Pascal Brugier for catching my errors in civil production details.

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