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The Aerotec Research Group, an unpaid, non-commercial body, was formed by seven enthusiasts at Filton, Bristol, in October 1946 to "further the field of flight". The secretary of the group was Mr. David R. Macfarlane. Plans were announced in September 1947 for the construction of a single-seat, low wing high performance ultra-light aircraft to cruise at 100 m.p.h. with a range of 300 miles. It was intended for the aircraft to be available in kit form. Design features included a tricycle undercarriage, folding wings, closed cockpit and radio. In June 1948 it was reported that the final mock up of the forward part of the fuselage and stub-wings was taking shape in the Group's workshop, but by October the Group was looking to purchase an existing design for flying experience. Little was heard of this project, or Aerotec, again.

Company References
  1. Flight October 24,, 1946
  2. Flight September 4, 1947

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    Sportsman  1947  Proj 0 1S, 1E microlight 1,2

Project References
  1. Flight October 24, 1946
  2. Flight September 4, 1947
  3. The Aeroplane, October 31, 1947
  4. The Sailplane, June 1948
  5. The Sailplane, October 1948

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