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Dart Jet was formed on 27 August by Tristan Crawford in Stowmarket, Suffolk, to develop the Dart modular jet trainer system, employing a core common fuselage and center wing box, to which can be added wings, cockpit, engine, empennage and landing gear applicable to the intended role and customer requirements. The company changed its name to Aeralis on 17 December 2016 and at the time of writing was soliciting funding to design and build a concept fuselage demonstrator.

Aeralis hopes to start production of eventually 12 to 20 aircraft a year by the mid-2020s – possibly using funding from the Welsh government to set up at the former Royal Air Force base at St Athan near Cardiff – with Bombardier’s Belfast plant supplying the wings and engine pod, and Thales UK the avionics. Formula 1 design house Williams Engineering would be contracted to manufacture the composite fuselage.

Project Data top

Project No
Type No
Alternative Name(s)
     Aeralis A    2015    Proj  0  2S, 2E advance jet trainer.  1,2
     Aeralis B    2015    Proj  0  2S, 1E basic jet trainer.  1,2
     Aeralis X    2015    Proj  0  2S, 1/2E customizable jet trainer.  1,2

Production Data

By 2018, none.

   Total Aeralis Production     0   

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