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In January 1931, the Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Reserve School, formed by J.D. Siddeley to provide aviation training for both civil and military pilots, moved to the former Avro facility at Hamble from Whitley, near Coventry, and became Air Service Training Ltd. (AST). In 1934 an engineering school was formed and, in the same year, AST became part of the Hawker Siddeley group. Flight and engineering training continued up until 1940, when AST became a Civil Repair Organisation (CRO) specializing in Spitfire repairs.

AST resumed civil training in 1947 and the CRO became the AST Aircraft Division, undertaking a variety of civil conversion design and modification. The company submitted a design to Specification T.16/48, eventually won by the Percival Provost. Later, in 1953, the company developed the C.4 high speed gunnery target, limited production of which was undertaken by Brooklands Aviation Ltd.

In 1960, AST was taken over by Airwork Ltd.

Project Data

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   Not Identified  1948 T.16/48 Proj 0 Trainer (1)
   C4  1953 WD1/RDL3 See Brooklands High Speed Winged Target
   Not Identified  1955  Proj 0 High speed towed target 2

Project References
  1. British Aircraft Specifications File, K.J. Meekcoms and E.B. Morgan (Air-Britain Publications, 1994)
  2. Flight Magazine, Sep 2, 1955

Production Data

   Total Air Service Training Production     0   

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